Kat Phillipson aka Flat back/Sway

How I first got into Pilates

My introduction to Pilates exercise was through my mum (owner of the studio). I have always enjoyed fitness as being part of our family you had to!
It was Pilates on the Reformers though that really hooked me into this discipline as my preferred training because it made such a difference to my overall strength/flexibility allowing me to achieve the fitness results I enjoy.

Why I love Pilates

I love the versatility that Pilates equipment allows. Every session and week the workout can be different and always challenging therefore I never tire of training as its always making a difference. In ten years I have never plateaued. My body feels the benefits of continuous progression. I will practice Pilates for the rest of my life!!!

Qualifications, length and depth of experience in Pilates

A whole raft of fitness qualifications dating back to 1991 including the following:

  • 11 years practise of Pilates exercise
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 3 Pilates Mats and Reformers
  • Barre Pilates
  • Special Populations/Injuries workshops
  • Stott Stability Chair
  • Studio Equipment Certification

Joseph Pilates focussed on various breathing techniques to help relaxation, lower blood pressure and to activate muscles that help improve posture – that why we focus so much on our breathing.