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Fitness Pilates Combo

+ BARRE Attack

The classes are all about combining Pilates skill with cardio/strength training.

These sessions assume a level of health and wellbeing and are therefore targeting improvements in overall cardiovascular stamina along with strength and agility training.

The pace will invariably be quicker where appropriate and the movement patterns big in order to activate global muscle groups all delivered with safe corrections and techniques.

Motivational music with energised (no sympathy!) queuing makes these sessions sweaty and demanding so make sure you bring a small towel and a bottle of water!

Equipment utilised in these sessions can be anything from ballet barre, cardio tramp, med balls, fit circles and weights.

All sessions will finish with the amazing Pilates Reformer stretch regime and focus on ensuring you get your posture aligned before you head off into your day.

You can expect to be changed and gain something different through Fitness Pilates Combo.




Ballet BARRE

Cardio Tramps


Mats and so much MORE!

Every Combo Possible

Giving you that FITNESS HIT

Pilates is meant to be at depth yet today it is often ‘surface Pilates’ and has morphed into an exercise programme rather than a posture and core strengthening influence on our lives.