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Group Reformer For Men

It is not uncommon to hear one of our many male clients report: “I wished I’d found this discipline years ago”.

There are many outcomes being looked for by the man; gaining the edge at an elite or recreational level of sport, a determination to avoid injury or recovering from an injury. Whatever motivates a man into exercise the Reformers tick all the boxes and give us girls something to feel good about as we are usually better at this than them!

The Studio environment is far from yoga, and there is nothing ethereal nor ballet-like. Imagine sweat, pain – and you will get some idea of what to encounter! We dare you to find this out for yourself. It’s more than energetic.







a more youthful you!

Pilates is meant to be at depth yet today it is often ‘surface Pilates’ and has morphed into an exercise programme rather than a posture and core strengthening influence on our lives.