Who are you?

Have you ever wondered which of the main posture types you are?

Who are you?

Have you ever wondered which of the main posture types you are? For example are you Lordosis, Kyphosis, Flat Back or Sway Back?

Pilates and reformer classes can be tailored to suit everybody.

We have created a series of fictional characters to illustrate the wide range of people that Pilates and Reformer training can help. Please explore the characters (and their conditions) by using the menu below.

Do any sound familiar?

“Some days I feel like I’m surgically attached to my laptop. I get really tight in my shoulders, which I’m sure is from hunching over the laptop and talking on the phone with it jammed under one ear. I just figured this was how things were if you had a busy corporate career.

My girlfriend started nagging me to do something ‘about my posture’ and to ‘improve my core’. I had no idea what she was going on about but in the end gave in for some peace.

When I went for my initial assessment at The Pilates Studio I had no idea what to expect, I thought Pilates was something like yoga and just for girls. The first surprise I got was that my instructor was male! The second surprise was how hard I worked, even on the really basic exercises.

After a few sessions I noticed that my shoulders weren’t feeling as tight at work and I was stronger and flexible all over. The only downside is that I now have to listen to my girlfriend saying, “I told you so” every time I mention how good I’m feeling!”

Inflexible Ian

  • Weak core
  • Poor posture
  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • Back pain
  • Poor flexibility

“Exercise is my thing! I run three mornings a week, play netball once a week and my husband and I go for a long bike ride on the weekends. My Osteopath recommended I tried Pilates because of a recurring hip injury.

My first assessment was an eye-opener – there I was thinking how fit and healthy I was but I discovered that there was definitely room for improvement. I was over using my quads and not using my glutes (butt muscles) at all. I was also good at using my big power muscles but not so good at engaging my stabilisers and core. My instructor gave me some basic exercises to do that sounded and looked easy but I couldn’t believe how hard they were! My butt was so sore the next day!

I’ve now been doing Pilates for three months and it has made a huge difference. All the niggly things that I had been ignoring are improving, I now know I need to use my glutes (which is great – no need for a butt lift anymore..) and my running and cycling times are improving.”

  • Weak core
  • Poor posture
  • Hip pain / Lower back pain
  • Tight Quads / tight lower back
  • Recurring injuries

“I’m expecting my second child in a few months. I did Pilates during my first pregnancy and am glad that I continued with it this time. I’m getting a lot of low back pain and my feet and ankles have been swelling up like balloons. When I attend my Pilates session these problems are alleviated. Pilates has been a life saver! My programme is tailored to how I’m feeling that day and, as my pregnancy has progressed it has changed accordingly.

We focus a lot on pelvic floor and core engagement, which I know will help me bounce back from giving birth. With two young kids to look after I’ll need all my zing back!

After each session I feel fantastic – my lower back tension feels a hundred times better, I can move my feet again and I’m generally refreshed and re-energised for looking after my child.

  • Low back pain
  • Sore & swollen ankles
  • Knows she needs to work on her pelvic floor
  • Stiff upper body from carrying children/breastfeeding
  • Sway back, pelvis drifted forward from pregnancy
  • Saggy glute muscles
  • Rounded upper spine (from nursing baby)

“After years of being stuck ‘hating the gym’ I finally found an exercise regime that makes ME feel good! There’s no teacher with a microphone yelling ‘keep up!’ and there’s no expert by my side doing it better than me! I don’t have a trainer yelling in my ear to “go for the burn” and the overall atmosphere is one of calm and relaxation as opposed to banging music and TV screens!

I love my Pilates sessions, I feel energised and raring to go again instead of just collapsing on the sofa when I get home. My friends have commented that my posture has improved dramatically – someone even asked me if I’d grown…which is not likely at my age! I even feel motivated to walk and actually enjoy it. I feel healthier.”

  • Sluggish circulation
  • Poor flexibility
  • Back and/or knee pain
  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • Poor posture

“Although I’m technically 56 years old, I thought I could still wrestle a crocodile and race a cheetah (and win). That was until I did my back in tying up my shoelaces of all things. Rather than resorting to Velcro or zippers I decided to follow my doctor’s recommendation and start Pilates.

Wow what a difference! Sure my daily aches and pains have all but gone, but more importantly I no longer crawl to the nineteenth hole after a round of golf. Apparently I also no longer look like I’m chopping wood, but actually swing the golf club.

Pilates has really awakened the old body again. I love the workout, and I can finally touch my toes again…now even with my knees straight! Well almost..”

  • Flat Back
  • Poor flexibility
  • Tension in neck & shoulders
  • General Aches and Pains
  • Struggles with the full 18 holes

“Where does the day go? As soon as I drop off the kids, it seems I’m trying to find a parking place to pick them up again. I rush to the shops, organise the house and try to find some time for myself.

Since having kids, my body has really changed. Gravity has taken its toll, body parts moved south, while tension and stiffness has moved north. My vocabulary has improved though. I’ve learnt words like SI Joint pain, Migraine, Incontinence, and water retention.

When I started with Pilates, my teacher and I got to know each other pretty well. I asked heaps of questions about my core and pelvic floor – thank goodness we were alone – and my teacher made some very important observations about my posture – again, thank goodness we were alone!

I feel strengthened and lengthened at the end of each class, and more importantly RELAXED…argh! My husband has noticed too…settle down Tiger!

After 10 sessions I felt better, after 20 sessions I looked better, and after 30 sessions I had a new body! I have even gone down a dress size!”

  • Time precious
  • Weak tummy
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Tension headaches
  • Stressed

“Even though I’m getting on a bit I like to keep myself busy – if I’m not out in the garden, I’m meeting friends for lunch and I walk the dogs most days. I have four grandchildren under 8 so spend a lot of time – and energy – keeping up with them.

As I’ve got older, I’ve noticed that everyday tasks require a little more effort. Getting up and down from the floor is one.

I tripped over a few months ago and people have started talking about me having ‘had a fall’ in hushed tones. Why is it that once you reach a certain age you starting ‘having falls’ rather than just falling over? Osteoporosis runs in my family so I know how lucky I was not to break anything. This spurred me into action and I decided to try Pilates.

When I first started I found it really challenging, my instructor wanted me to engage muscles I didn’t even know I had! But I stuck with it and have been doing Pilates for two months now. I’ve discovered that even at my age it’s possible to get stronger and fitter.

And best of all, I’m happy to report that I haven’t had ‘another fall’ and I look as though I have lost weight!”

  • Bending down is getting trickier
  • Concerned about osteoporosis
  • Stiff back
  • Arthritis
  • Worries about falling

Even though I am very active in sports I suddenly can’t seem to control my arms and legs, a bit like bambi on ice!

After a full day at school my upper back and neck ache and I am finding it very tiring and stressful.

My friend started Pilates a while back and told me to have a go. I thought I would just see what he was doing!

Well it all looked very easy but it really isn’t. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. My likeness to Bambi is disappearing and I’m not so stressed as all the uncomfortable aches in my shoulders have begun to disappear. My friends have been saying that I look more athletic and toned! I love my Pilates!

  • Don’t know where arms and legs are
  • A bit clumsy
  • Shoulder and Lower back pain
  • Chubby Tummy
  • Low muscle tone

I teach evidenced based posture analysis, and train our teachers in posture specific Pilates and not repertoire Pilates.