The Studio

The Studio

For 20 years our studio has had a reputation both in the community and amongst health professionals for delivering safe and effective PILATES programmes. Our client retention boasts this!

The BRILLIANCE and the WHY we have such great retention is:

  • Tanya Loxham delivers in-house training weekly for the continuity of all sessions delivered by the teaching team who add their own style and gorgeous personality.
  • The atmosphere you will encounter is without question warm, friendly and fun.
  • Everyone from whatever walk of life or existing level of fitness belongs.
  • Our exercise programming is revamped weekly – all with your progression in mind.
  • We as teachers train together and train you as we’d want to be trained.
  • You will access the best equipment to work with during creative sessions.
  • All teachers are fully qualified to Fitness, Pilates and Dance industry standards as well as continuously accruing credits by attending regular developmental training courses.

Energised Environment

Friendly Atmosphere

Creative & Challenging

Excellent teaching styles

Incredible Equipment

What did Joseph Pilates have in mind when he first taught Pilates? He was giving people back their livelihood not simply teaching them an exercise so they could simply say ‘I do Pilates’.