Find out why everyone is trying
Pilates and Reformer

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For 28 years I have been delivering exercises to change and transform the human body, there has been nothing to equal these last 30 years seeing countless individuals experiencing painful limitations being transformed through using Pilates exercise prescription.

I love Pilates for its versatility and the inexhaustible nature of its application. The human form is incredible and awesome, we are fearfully and wonderfully put together and no one person is like another yet Pilates exercise can impact and change you. This can range from the elite athlete to the very injured, from the 5 year old to the 85 year old, there is something to be gained that will impact everyday life by practicing Pilates exercises.


Find out why everyone is trying Pilates and Reformer

Improvements in Flexibility, Real Strength, Postural Alignment, Reduction in Pain, Back Care, Fitness, Relaxation, Well Being and so much more…

I teach evidenced based posture analysis, and train our teachers in posture specific Pilates and not repertoire Pilates.