One to One Our Sessions

One to One

There are 3 types of 1:1 available:

1. Initial Introduction
We meet you and you have your first session on the Reformer. This starts your understanding of HOW the machine works WITH you and FOR you. You will FEEL what it’s like to SLIDE and GLIDE into great posture and true core strength.

2.Bespoke Program
This can be either needs driven where you are managing varying issues that would disadvantage you in a group. Alternatively a 1:1 learning environment may simply be how you like to engage with your body and Pilates.

3.Medical Rehab
We very strongly recommend a 1:1 programme for anyone referred to Pilates by an orthopaedic consultant or a physiotherapist. During this initial session, we can work to understand your needs, modifying any exercise before you join the group we believe you will thrive in.

Men and women irrespective of age or ailment tell us of the enormous benefits experienced because of 1:1 Pilates programming.


Book yourself a 1:1

  • UNDERSTAND your Posture
  • WHAT exercises change YOU
  • LEARN Pilates BREATHING and FEEL it Re-align your SPINE.
  • FIND true CORE strength
  • BE the Fittest YOU possible with Pilates 1:1

I teach evidenced based posture analysis, and train our teachers in posture specific Pilates and not repertoire Pilates.