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Home Programmes

Personalise and practice your Pilates 10 minutes a day at home.

Booking YOURSELF a one to one session for the purpose of troubleshooting the problem area your posture/lifestyle needs will result in a bespoke session and provide you with a programme to carry out at home.

Everyone should choose this option to OPTIMISE physical change… posture and strength.

It is also possible to only do HOME PROGRAMMES if your lifestyle does not allow you to attend a group session at the Studio.

HOME PROGRAMMES utilise foam rollers, spiky balls, thera bands and small balls. The programme can be either be in a written form with diagrams and/or short videos on your smart phone.


Personalised HOME Practice with:






What did Joseph Pilates have in mind when he first taught Pilates? He was giving people back their livelihood not simply teaching them an exercise so they could simply say ‘I do Pilates’.