Group Reformer For Pre Post Natal Our Sessions

Group Reformer For Pre Post Natal

Many of our clients have gone through the whole of their pregnancy with us here at the Studio. Their bodies have never been fitter or more ready for the birthing process following swiftly into parenting and then getting their bodies back into shape once more. There is huge evidence that Pilates exercise all the way through pregnancy is the healthiest thing you can give to yourself and your baby.

During pregnancy your Pilates teacher will modify the class depending on how you are feeling on the day. The areas of focus will alter as your body changes and you will need to work on specific areas of strength.

During the First Trimester most women will feel exhausted or nauseous. These sensations often improve later in pregnancy, allowing you to do more but it is most important to tell your teacher that you are expecting and to ask your doctor for a letter of clearance to say you can continue to exercise.

In the Second and Third Trimesters the focus becomes more about strengthening the body and addressing other changes that will occur.


The programme will cater for:

  • Arm strength – to help with feeding and carrying the baby
  • Leg strength – for the birth and all the bending and lifting a new mum does
  • Pelvic and lower back stability and muscle balancing – this will help to reduce any pelvic instability issues that may arise. This can occur due to the release of the hormone ‘relaxin’ which softens ligaments in preparation for the birth and can leave the skeleton susceptible to injury
  • Spinal stretches (gentle)
  • Postural exercises that help with the constant stress on posture due to the ever growing bump in the front and the change in breast size that also occurs
  • Breathing exercises
  • Pelvic Floor strength and muscle control

In addition to all of the above, Pilates is also a great aid to relaxation and allows you to have time for yourself and to de-stress.

Joseph Pilates knew he had to make a difference to his clients posture to change their lives – and that’s my vision for our clients – getting ‘posture fit’.