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Specialised myofascial, muscular skeletal targeting:
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Working with just muscular skeletal exercises alone isn’t enough for the whole body to behave as it was designed. Indeed, some peoples experience of posture and movement whether it be through illness, disease, injury or lifestyle will never fully realise what it is to move efficiently with strength and poise until they engage with this level of exercise activation.


More about what Myofascial actually is

There is a level of activation (of cellular communication) that can only be realised in the body through utilising the breath in synchronicity with some primal movement patterns that the body recognises and as a consequence starts to reorganise and/or re-boot the internal sat-nav (messages moving up and down the central nervous system therefore throughout the body from head to toe).

Your brain, nervous system, circulatory system, muscular-skeletal system find their harmony once more through this activation process. It feels mystical and magical to the person experiencing the therapy but it is pure science.

Being in a place where you can experience the varying exercises that switch on this part of the nervous system and therefore give you results achievable by no other means has to be experienced.

The results our clients have experienced in signing up for this programme speak for themselves. The beauty of this level of exercise is the immediacy of the results.

This technique is learned in the one to one setting using balls of various sizes, thera bands, long foam rollers, spiky rollers and a remarkable piece of equipment called the Cadillac. Some elements of this methodology can and do transfer into the small group setting.

Pilates exercises marry perfectly with the latest research techniques that incorporate an overall myofascial muscular skeletal impact.

Just in case you were wondering what is Fascia here is a brief comment (there is so much to be read on the subject!):

In short, Fascia is the glue-like protein fabric that holds all 70 trillion cells of the body together.

Historically, fascia was overlooked and underappreciated, viewed as the thing in the way of getting a good view of the muscles in the body.

Anatomically, it has been defined as a specific flat, sheet-like structure, providing an attachment for several muscles in an area, e.g. the thoracolumbar fascia. Current research now defines fascia as all the collagenous-based soft tissues in the body, including: tendons, ligaments, bursa, three layers of muscle fascia (endomysium, perimysium, epimysium), visceral fascia (around organs) and neural fascia (surrounding the central and peripheral nervous system).


Struggling to recover from injury or managing pain?

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Discover how BREATHING with rhythmical movement re-ACTIVATES connective tissue and SO MUCH MORE…

Results ARE IMMEDIATE you will FEEL its MAGIC

What did Joseph Pilates have in mind when he first taught Pilates? He was giving people back their livelihood not simply teaching them an exercise so they could simply say ‘I do Pilates’.