Find out why everyone is trying Pilates and Reformer

The unique way to train your body

Strength. Stretch. Mind. Body. Energy. Posture. Creativity. Fun. Social.


  • This is a unique way to strengthen, stretch and give life and energy to your body.
  • The system of springs, ropes, boxes, cardio tramps and the small equipment we use make the exercises you do on the Reformer almost endless – you will not get bored!
  • The creativity in the sessions we design and deliver means your body always finds something new.
  • The equipment we have helps make it a fun experience for all as you work and learn at your level alongside others in the group with varying abilities.
  • This exercise combines mind, body and the breath in a special way leaving you feeling calm and connected.
  • Let’s be honest, most of us want our bodies to be more toned, stronger, more agile, enjoy improved mobility and have bums and tums that we can celebrate more – this will do just that.
  • It’s in the little things that Pilates Reformer reaches you. Little by little your body will be influenced and changed by the routines and exercises you will perform.
  • Golfers are doing it. Rugby players are doing it. Dancers and Housewives are doing it. Business men and women are doing it. Pregnant ladies are doing it. School teachers are doing it. Hairdressers are doing it. Engineers are doing it. Management consultants are doing it. Lawyers are doing it. Actors are doing it. Accountants are doing it. Builders are doing it. Project Managers are doing it. Silver surfers are doing it.
  • You have to do it to realise it for yourself!
  • To find out why – COME AND TRY!

Pilates is meant to be at depth yet today it is often ‘surface Pilates’ and has morphed into an exercise programme rather than a posture and core strengthening influence on our lives.