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What really matters to us all?

09 May

Dear one and all,

A surreal year

After the most surreal year experienced by all of us it is surprising to re-discover what really matters!

There are many things in life it turns out that really matter and have a positive effect on well-being when all else is out of reach.  We have discovered at the Studio that our Pilates Community is one of those things that really matter.

It has been a lovely surprise to many that the daily ability to connect through a Pilate exercise routine/video could enable such balance and poise in the midst of this national storm. 

There is little doubt that through the journey we have taken together we are stronger than we have ever been before in mind, body and spirit.


The Studio re-opening has re-ignited that wonderful, simple thing known as ‘relationship’.  I know, it should come as no surprise to us, but it has been a breath of fresh air to have more immediacy to that relationship in the Studio.

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have re-turned and made this re-igniting so very possible and particularly to those who did the journey with me online and then bringing with you the amazing bond established through teaching and learning online via Facebook Live and Zoom.

Here’s hoping we manage a straight line, however gentle, out of this Pandemic and appreciate even more the choice to be together in the Studio, maintaining mobility, stability, humour and social interaction.

Better together

Better together?  No, I’m not referring to the Jack Johnson song or the political campaign for the four countries within the UK; I’m simply saying that as a Pilates Community we are the better for being together and hundreds of us during this Pandemic have said it, shown it, expressed it and helped make it more true than ever.

So THANK YOU one and all for being part of my life and work, for contributing this this wonderful Pilates Community we share and enjoy, and being helping hearts throughout this surreal year.

Tanya xx.


Joseph Pilates focussed on various breathing techniques to help relaxation, lower blood pressure and to activate muscles that help improve posture – that why we focus so much on our breathing.