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The Studio Re-Opens on Monday 27th July!

19 July




Thank you to all who have supported us during this strange and challenging time and for all the kind words of appreciation and encouragement you have expressed as we have for the first time offered Pilates online.

We are thrilled to announce that we open our Studio on Monday 27th July and if you have not already booked in and paid for your next 10 Week Block then please act now to ensure your place.

As you can imagine there has to be changes due to COVID-19 but first and foremost, here is the current time-table of classes:

Main Groups will be on a:

  • Monday – Friday 9:30am and 10:45am
  • Monday and Wednesday 6pm, 7pm and 8pm
  • Tuesday 5pm, 6pm and 7pm
  • Thursday 6pm
  • Saturday 8am, 9:10am and 10:20am

Semi-Private Groups will be on a:

  • Monday and Thursday at 12pm

One to One’s will be:

  • Available once the Studio Groups are established. Tanya will be in touch with you regarding dates and times.

Facebook, Online/Zoom Sessions will:

  • Continue to be available. Dates and Times will be announced.  Simply keep your eyes on Facebook to stay tuned with these Sessions.



We just wanted to let you know about a few changes we have made, which we hope you will find reassuring in these times, so here is a little summary:

Social Distancing

Much as we could do with a hug please respect yours and others personal space by maintaining a social distance wherever possible.

So here is how your arrival will look and feel:

  • When arriving at the Studio we are asking clients to be patient and wait in their cars having put their facemask on until there are less than 3 people waiting at the door.
  • Once you leave your car please put your protective gloves on. You will need with you a bag big enough to contain everything from a coat to outdoor shoes that can go with you into your space in the Studio.
  • There will be no coat hangers, hooks, shoe rack or changing facilities inside the Studio.
  • Toilets will be open but when used there are strict hygiene measures in place.
  • Once you have arrived in the Studio you will be shown to a reformer that is numbered. Generally speaking you will always go to the same reformer throughout this 10 week block.
  • You will be asked to sit on your reformer whilst the rest of the group arrive and find their space.
  • For this reason, please do not be late.
What to bring with you
  • A large bag containing your mask, gloves, hand sanitiser, toe socks and face cloth
  • Ears for listening to teacher!

There will be the opportunity to purchase your own personal head cushion for £10.  This can be booked and paid for preferably by cash in an envelope marked Head Cushion and your Name.  We currently have 100 in stock and will source more when needed.  To book in advance please text 07786 99 40 70 and we will have your cushion ready for you on your first session.

Ideally every client really needs to own and bring their head cushion to their session which can double up as a knee squeezer pad.

We will try our best to get everyone in as safe and as quickly as possible and would appreciate your understanding and patience as we do.

Sanitising and Spacing

Reformers will be cleaned downed completely pre and post groups using disposable wipes.

Toilets will be cleaned and you will be asked to wipe down surfaces after use.  Wipes will be available in the toilet.  Paper towels will be in the toilet for your use.

Reformers are 2 meters apart and there is no reason for there to be any physical contact with anyone inside the Studio.

We have put in place a one way system with clear 2m markers on the floor.

Face masks are not advised to be worn during the work out (WHO guidelines) but are to be worn for arrival and departure.

Please arrive in your toe socks with shoes which accommodate this if you can.  Sliders would work great and if you have them, Crocs (we will welcome anyone!)

Catch Ups

Please note that catch ups as we know them can no longer operate.

This enables the track and trace system to be more workable as you will be in the same Pilates bubble throughout the 10 week block of classes.

Should you wish to have a catch up we will provide you access to the Facebook Community Page.  This has an ever increasing library of relevant videos to keep you on track with your weekly Pilates practice.  The beauty of this system now is you can access videos on a daily basis should you wish.


If you are a keyworker on shifts please be in touch with Tanya to let her know and she will do all she can to accommodate your shift pattern.

We hope you find all these changes reassuring and we are so looking forward to welcoming you back to the Studio week beginning Monday 27th July!

I teach Pilates because I want to make a difference. I want to make a difference in people’s bodies. I want posture health and well-being for our clients.