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18 April


Before you attend an online class live please ensure you have downloaded Zoom Meeting onto your iPAD, laptop, PC or phone. It doesn’t matter which you download to, you just need to have an inbuilt camera.

Follow this link to download Zoom if you haven’t already done so:

If you are using a laptop or desktop download “Zoom client for meetings”. Make a note of your password if you want to use Zoom on another device.

If you are using iPAD, tablet or phone then download “Zoom for mobile app”. Again make a note of your password if you want to use Zoom on another device.

Homework for ALL before your class:

This is a must to ensure a smooth running of each session. Have a go at setting up a meeting on Zoom for yourself in the space that you intend to do the class. Clear the space so you have room to lie down on your mat and have a chair/worktop available.

To set up your test meeting, simple load Zoom, select “New Meeting” “Join with Audio”. You should now be able to see yourself on screen.

Position your device so that if you were to stand on your mat, your whole body is visible (or near enough) on screen. If you can place your mat horizontally to the screen this would be better for corrections. Come down to all fours position and check that you are clearly visible on the screen. Lie down on your mat with you knees bent and check again that you can be seen on screen. Ensure you have enough space around you to stretch out your arms and legs.

Depending on what device you are using will determine where the device should be placed. We have found that using a mobile; the device needs to be set up slightly above you. If using a tablet or PC we have found that desk height works best.

A laptop is best as they have a wider field of view and it is easier move the camera position by tilting the lid. It goes without saying that this will be trial and error for all.

You need to be far enough away so that we can see all of you in standing, seated, side lying and lying down positions. ….

If you use a screen saver set this to over an hour or never for the duration of the sessions so you don’t disappear from screen. Ensure you have enough battery power or have connection to the main source of power.

The light source ideally should come from the side of you. If a light source is behind you we could see a silhouette, making it difficult to correct posture and technique.

You will be sent an invitation by email on the day of your class. If you haven’t received an email one hour before the class is due to start, please check you junk or spam email folders. If you still don’t have it, then please contact Tanya.

Once you have accepted the email invitation it will be added to the calendar linked to you email address (for example outlook calendar for Hotmail/Google calendar for gmail). If you can aim to be ready on Zoom 10 minutes before the class starts to ensure correct connection and set up.

To attend the class/meeting click the link in your calendar. Once you are in the class on your device you should be able to see yourself and other attendees on screen. Before the class begins we will check that you are visible and check the sound. Once the class starts, you will be muted so that only Tanya’s voice can be heard. This is the best way to work as it means you should always be able to hear Tanya.

Have your view set to “Active Speaker” during the class. In Active Speaker mode, you will be able to see Tanya in the studio as the main focus. Depending on your device you maybe able to see other attendees much smaller. Whilst in Active Speaker, if you speak, your face will take over as the main focus on screen, so please bear this in mind while the class is in full swing. At the end of the class you can change the view to “Gallery” to see all attendees.

If you need help or assistance during the class wave both hands to the screen and you will be unmuted so you can ask a question.  Everyone will be unmuted after the class to say their goodbyes.

Once happy with your set up please try and remember for each class. Thank you for your support.

Happy Zooming!

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