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Accessing Facebook Live Online Pilates Monday – Friday 9:30am during Lockdown 3

07 January

Tanya’s Facebook live Pilates sessions Monday to Friday at 9:30am are in principle for clients who are part of the Studio and take part in regular classes.

Each client requests Tanya for access and she sends an invitation to join the Pilates Reformer Community on Facebook.  You will need a Facebook page in order to access this.  This is a Private Group and is by invitation only.

If you are not a client who takes part in regular Pilates classes or one on one’s at the Studio and would like to subscribe to these online Pilates sessions (2 x 20 minute back to back sessions with a 5 minute break in between) then please call the Studio (and if no one answers please leave a message) and request a call back regarding joining the Facebook live Pilates sessions during Lockdown 3.

Thank you.


The human body is incredible and awesome, we are fearfully and wonderfully put together and no one person is like another yet Pilates exercises can impact and change you.