Janet Booth aka Sway Back

How I first got into Pilates

After gaining my Exercise to Music qualification in 2000 and joining the fitness industry I was always adding strings to my bow.

After several years and adding various qualifications I became interested in Pilates. I had listened to many sports celebs talking about it and how it had improved there fitness and performance and decided it was something I needed to know more about.

After qualifying in Pilates and teaching various venues, hotels and halls I was lucky enough to become part of Tanya’s team at the Studio, and have never looked back!

Why I love it!

After years of high energy intense fitness classes I did find it hard to slow down and appreciate my gains, but when I started to understand so much more about my body and others, I was hooked.

I feel fitter, firmer and calmer, the changes it has made to my body both physically and mentally are fab, the body awareness it has given me is amazing and the constant learning with Tanya and the team is another added bonus.

Seeing clients of all ages young and old and everything in between changing, moving and healing is a wonderful thing, and makes my job one of the best. With Pilates you are always learning and gaining!

Qualifications, length and depth of experience:

    • Exercise to music
    • Circuit training
    • Client Appraisal
    • Gym instructor Level 2
    • Advance Gym Instructor
    • Resistance Training
    • Nutrition and weight management
    • Sports conditioning
    • Training in different environments
    • Freestyle fitness yoga
    • Pilates mat Stott
    • Pilates reformer Stott

Something you may not know about me!

Love music of all types, but mostly Indie rock, still go to festivals and was a Punk with pink hair back in the day.

Loved running and competing, but not so much now, walking in the country more my bag.

About to move to the country!

I teach Pilates because I want to make a difference. I want to make a difference in people’s bodies. I want posture health and well-being for our clients.