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Good Friday Announcement

14 April

Like so many business across the country the Studio closed in March in line with Government guidelines for stopping the outbreak of Covid-19.

This triggered a transition from the normal Studio Sessions to an ‘online’ ‘Facebook Private Community Group’ for Studio Clients only and setting up Class WhatsApp Groups to encourage the connection and interaction which would normally have happened in the Studio.

We are over the moon at the incredible response within these Groups and are so thankful to all who have joined and participated in the positive banter and input to help support one another during these challenging days.  We could easily live stream the daily comedy and fabulous camaraderie taking place!

What’s Materialised

By the Easter Weekend (the close of this current Block) there are now 16 separate teaching videos available to clients in the ‘Pilates Community Group’ all relevant to all clients in one way, shape or form.  The feedback is amazing and most clients are watching/doing one per day!

Clients have kindly commented: “There is security in being online with Tanya – it feels you are safe, secure and effective during this pandemic and somehow creates ‘solid ground’ under your feet”


Unfortunately neither I nor my business qualify for the business support schemes the Government has put in place. Therefore in a bid to preserve the business beyond this lock down a new business plan/model has been created to steer us through this unsettling time.
As a result we have a number of options to propose to our amazing clients and they are as follows:

1. To Opt Out of the Face Book Community Closed Group until this crisis has passed and join us once again when the Studio is fully open,


2. To Purchase your next 10 Weeks which starts on Monday April 20th* for £115.00.

        *(We are having a one week break to prepare for this new 10 Week Block.)

Purchasing your next 10 Weeks joins you into EITHER or BOTH of the following options: 

(A) Facebook Live Community Group
Continuing to access daily the Facebook Live Closed Group plus access to all videos.

(B) ZOOM Groups of 10
(time-table to follow this email when we know the take up)
This platform enables me to teach and correct as I can see you while I’m teaching!

Please note that access to Zoom Classes will be on a first come first served basis.
Only those who purchase this next 10 Week Block will have access to both (A) and (B) whether or not they choose to use both
(it will be your preference).

For subscribers there will be a minimum of 6 videos per week which means missing the live stream will not affect your access to these excellent teaching videos.

Payment by bank transfer must be made to the following bank account:

  • Account Name: Loxham Tanya L – Business A/c
  • Account Number: 01993471
  • Sort Code: 30-99-14
  • Please Reference your payment with your ‘Name’ and ‘On Line’


This email comes with our best wishes to all our clients hoping and praying that each and every family stays well and safe during this crisis.It also comes with our warm thanks for all the wonderful messages of appreciation you have been sending to us over the last few weeks while live streaming and posting teaching videos. As much as is possible we do trust you will have a Happy Easter.

Tanya xx

If you want to find out more before you subscribe, please message Tanya on 07786 994 070 

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Soren Kierkegaard


I come at it from my own body. I know the fundamental difference of the fundamental impact of ‘the Joseph Pilates way’ because this is my story!