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We are looking for new teachers

The Academy is keen to recruit experienced and highly qualified teachers to join the existing team. If you are looking to work within the Warrington and Manchester area, there are regular opportunities for individuals with the appropriate qualifications, experience and aptitude. We are constantly looking for talented teachers of Pilates who are able to work at a variety of levels and in various formats. The range is as follows:

The Academy's current timetable caters for a wide spectrum of abilities, from the very injured person to the elite athlete and includes all levels in-between! So, our aim is to recruit staff who, once they have understood the Academy's unique style, set-up, and its way of delivering Pilates, can hit the ground running!

These are the qualities we think are essential for our brand of teacher/instructor. You must be -

If you are at all interested, fit this profile, and would like to be considered, then we would love to hear from you! Please send an up-to-date CV with a clear outline of your teaching experience, attaching sample lesson plans from sessions you are currently teaching (ideally at beginners and intermediate level). This will provide us with an understanding of your planning skills regarding the level of teaching and content. We would be grateful if you would give details of your current availability for work and, in addition, a clear definition of your aspirations in the industry, describing how you plan to achieve your stated goals.

Whilst we are, presently, most interested in teachers who are able to 'hit the ground running', we are also keen to recruit and train our own brand of newly qualified but talented teachers.

Following the receipt of a suitable CV, the Academy's recruitment process comprises several subsequent steps. The candidate is firstly called for interview; secondly, s/he is observed teaching a sample session; and thirdly, all being well, is offered a temporary position for a trial period of time. A 12 month Service Agreement is the happy culmination of this process.

If you believe you are the sort of person we are looking for, please contact us with all your relevant contact details. We look forward to hearing from you!

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