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Kath Senior aka Sway Back

How I first got into Pilates

First acted as a guinea pig for a friend who was setting up a class after doing a Pilates course - Tanya!

However, she then moved to Warrington and I had to find another place to do my Pilates!! I had to settle for less talented teachers at the local leisure centre.

Why I love Pilates

Personally love the fact that I feel stronger and fitter and taller and thinner! For a girl who never found a sport I loved, Pilates grabs me because I feel so much better when I do it.

Love seeing other people benefit from the same effects. As a teacher, I get to watch people change over the weeks and that is great. For those who come with problems such as a bad back or neck, they change massively and that's really rewarding.

Love the fact that it is so beneficial for so many different people, whether they have pain, or injury, or recovering from surgery, or want to be better at their sport, or to look better on the beach, or while pregnant or after having a baby, all of them can be helped.

I very quickly began to see the application for my work as a children's Physiotherapist. I specialise in working with children with balance and co-ordination problems and have become slightly obsessed with using Pilates with them as I have seen the benefits for them over and over. There can be improvements for them in all sorts of areas such as handwriting, running, swimming, PE, riding a bike and all of these things really help them to keep up at school. Any improvement can make a massive difference to the life of a child.

Qualifications, length and depth of experience in Pilates

I qualified as a Physiotherapist 28 years ago - ouch - and, of course, have used exercises for rehabilitation throughout my career.

Courses completed:

Something you may not know about me

Until 2 years ago we were foster carers, looking after nearly 30 children over 10 years.

BEETROOT - what's that about? Horrid.

My idea of a good evening is to be cooking good food and sharing it with family or friends with lots of chat and laughter.

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