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Helen Baker aka Flat Back

How I first got into Pilates

My Pilates journey began in the late 1990’s when I was employed as Aerobics Co-ordinator/Fitness Instructor at a local private leisure club.  Both instructors left, leaving a gap in the timetable.  Having experienced the benefit of Pilates and knowing that instructors were like gold dust, I decided to train and become qualified.

After qualifying I met Tanya and she encouraged me to set up my own classes in Warrington area (in 2002) teaching Pilates matwork Classes in small groups.  Shortly afterwards I joined her at the Studio teaching matwork and then reformer classes.

Why I love Pilates

Because I meet so many people from various backgrounds with a diverse range of problems such as pre/post-surgery, or clients who are super fit or unfit, others who are pre/post natal or just interested in the Pilate’s technique and eager to learn.

Sharing my passion and watching clients achieve and develop on a daily basis gives me a buzz.  The rewards when clients walk in with pain and leave without, is just magic.  Even more exciting is when they avoided surgery due to Pilates – smiles all round when that takes place and it always great to hear when after an evening session client’s say they have had the best night’s sleep.

Some client’s grasp the mind/body concept quickly, for others, it is a longer journey.  From gardening, loading your shopping trolley, hiking up a mountain to living life to the full, Pilates makes everything so much easier.

Qualifications, length and depth of experience in Pilates

I currently teach group matwork classes using small equipment (rollers, fitness circles, light weights, flex-bands and chi balls) in the Warrington area and you can find me at the Studio a couple of mornings and one evening teaching and training mat, reformers, stability ball, arc barrel and more.

In 1982 a friend introduced me to exercise to music when my youngest son was 11 weeks old.  I became hooked with matching head band and leg warmers – Jane Fonda had no chance!  I started leading groups for the local authority where there was no health screening or first aid, and no qualifications were required, just passion and a loud voice.  Realising the potential harm which could be incurred, in 1985 I decided to qualify as an Aerobics Fitness Instructor and then continued to train and develop my career in fitness, finally specialising in Pilates.

Something you may not know about me

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