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Tanya Loxham aka Lordosis

How I first got into Pilates

My route into Pilates was through an unfortunate event! Here's the story: my best friend offered to follow me to the garage as my car was due a service and MOT. Within moments of embarking upon this journey she had crashed into the back of my car, writing it off, and leaving me with neck and lower back injury!

Currently a fitness teacher and lecturer within this industry, I was immediately rendered unfit to work as well as having no car and a friend who felt dreadful and had to buy me copious coffees etc. to compensate for the accident!

I attended physio twice a week for 6 months and started to recover although it would be another 18 months before I was fit enough to do the physical lifestyle that was my norm. My physiotherapist was great, and as the sessions developed she used Pilates as part of my rehab. Her invitation to me was to retrain within my industry and therefore to start offering Pilates to others who had suffered similarly.

This was 13 years ago at a time when there were few if any Pilate's teachers in the Northwest of England and I had little Idea of just how effective Pilates was in terms of muscular skeletal training.

On the same day she encouraged me to train I booked onto a course in London and started my learning of the Pilates technique.

So the moral of this story is not all friends who write your car off and leave you unable to work are to feel bad.....! My whole focus on what I wanted to give in life changed and the desire to help others effectively and efficiently return to an active enjoyable lifestyle was born. Every car crash has a silver lining!

For 28 years I have been delivering exercises to change and transform the human body, there has been nothing to equal these last 13 years seeing countless individuals experiencing painful limitations being transformed through using Pilates exercise prescription.

Why I love Pilates

I love Pilates for its versatility and the inexhaustible nature of its application. The human form is incredible and awesome, we are fearfully and wonderfully put together and no one person is like another yet Pilates exercise can impact and change you. This can range from the elite athlete to the very injured, from the 5 year old to the 85 year old, there is something to be gained that will impact everyday life by practicing Pilates exercises.

I love it because as a teacher I am a lifelong learner and I am still discovering new ways of delivering an exercise to specifically target the human body giving it back the energy to enjoy and prevail in everyday life. Stronger, leaner, longer...therefore happier!

Qualifications, length and depth of experience in Pilates

Something you may not know about me

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