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Granny Annie

"Even though I'm getting on a bit I like to keep myself busy - if I'm not out in the garden, I'm meeting friends for lunch and I walk the dogs most days. I have four grandchildren under 8 so spend a lot of time - and energy - keeping up with them.

As I've got older, I've noticed that everyday tasks require a little more effort. Getting up and down from the floor is one.

I tripped over a few months ago and people have started talking about me having 'had a fall' in hushed tones. Why is it that once you reach a certain age you starting 'having falls' rather than just falling over? Osteoporosis runs in my family so I know how lucky I was not to break anything. This spurred me into action and I decided to try Pilates.

When I first started I found it really challenging, my instructor wanted me to engage muscles I didn't even know I had! But I stuck with it and have been doing Pilates for two months now. I've discovered that even at my age it's possible to get stronger and fitter.

And best of all, I'm happy to report that I haven't had 'another fall' and I look as though I have lost weight!"

Sound familiar?

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