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Sporty Sarah

"Exercise is my thing! I run three mornings a week, play netball once a week and my husband and I go for a long bike ride on the weekends. My Osteopath recommended I tried Pilates because of a recurring hip injury.

My first assessment was an eye-opener - there I was thinking how fit and healthy I was but I discovered that there was definitely room for improvement. I was over using my quads and not using my glutes (butt muscles) at all. I was also good at using my big power muscles but not so good at engaging my stabilisers and core. My instructor gave me some basic exercises to do that sounded and looked easy but I couldn't believe how hard they were! My butt was so sore the next day!

I've now been doing Pilates for three months and it has made a huge difference. All the niggly things that I had been ignoring are improving, I now know I need to use my glutes (which is great - no need for a butt lift anymore..) and my running and cycling times are improving."

Sound familiar?

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