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One on one classes with one of our Pilates & Reformer specialists

The Pilates studio offers a professional and personal experience, with a range of Pilates and Reformer classes to suit everybody. 

Class sizes are kept small with a focus on individual needs being catered to.  Initial one-one assessments are conducted where body type, posture, past medical history and any rehabilitation requirements are discussed. 

This information is then used to design a personalised programme.

A Pilates session is not a gym or aerobics style class.  Neither is it a physiotherapy treatment.  Professional Pilates Instructors specialise in movement analysis and their prescriptions of exercises are designed to create balance, strength, flexibility and coordination for each client.  Incorrect movement patterns and muscle imbalances will lead to injuries and postural problems and each Pilates program is designed and personally tailored to suit the individual client's needs.

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Pilates Classes
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