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Pilates for Men

Contrary to popular opinion, Pilates is not solely or exclusively a fitness regime for women.

At our studio, an increasing number of men benefit from participating in pilates.  Whether it is to enhance core strength for the sport enjoyed at an elite or recreational level, or simply to ensure recovery from injury, men can be found in all the Pilates disciplines. One-to-one sessions, small group and apparatus sessions - indeed all types of session - deliver efficient and intensive training for the male.

Male clients constantly feedback to us a wish that they had incorporated pilates into their normal fitness regime much earlier in their lives!.  They constantly share how surprised they are by the challenge Pilates delivers and the way that it reaches parts of their bodies which other forms of exercise have failed to affect.  It is not unusual to witness their sweating and groaning resulting from the intensity that the Pilates exercise inflicts upon them.  Truly, it has to be tried to be realised.

At the studio men find an environment where they get a challenging workout (or 'torture' as some have described it!) and enjoy great camaraderie and fun. And all this, whilst at the same time as significantly improving their level of gtggfitness.

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