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Individual Prehab / Rehab

Individual Prehab / Rehab

Pilates exercises along with ‘muscle-in-balance testing’ can provide a very effective rehabilitation process for many long term and short term injuries. Sessions for rehab Pilates are offered in a 1:1 or 1:3 small group environment. However, we strongly suggest a program of 1:1 classes initially so that we can facilitate for you the best programme and results for you and your body.

In these sessions your teacher will utilise whatever equipment is required to target the weaknesses in your body and to realign your posture. Since your body will be constantly changing and adapting to life as you become stronger, your Pilates program will evolve to accomodate this, adapting to your body's requirements in order to achieve the best possible long term results.

Many clients speak of experiencing huge improvements following a whole range of procedures and conditions, including:

The wide client-base for these sessions ranges from general public to elite athletes. Both groups experience such benefits that their return to a better, active, pain-free life is the usual outcome.
With any Rehab there is then the Prehab - or in other words, the prevention of common debilitating issues in posture caused either through over-training or as the result of work, lifestyle or injury.
We strongly encourage Pilates as a lifestyle choice, and our prehab program is there to keep you strong and to enable you to grow in strength so that all you want to do with this body of yours is achievable!

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