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What is Barrefitness?

Barre fitness is an incredible all body workout that will change your body and how you feel about yourself.

Barre based workouts have been toning and shaping dancers' and film stars' bodies for decades and we are introducing a dynamic fusion of cardio, yoga, ballet and core conditioning. It's the closest you will get to keeping company at the barre with a celebrity!

It is an all body workout using the classic ballet barre that attacks those dreaded problem areas - legs, butt, thighs and arms.

Yes, you can be strong and flexible and fabulous!

The Workout

50 minutes of cardio that combines yoga, ballet, Pilates, strength and flexibility training using a ballet barre. This all body workout is different, intense and will transform your body. Classes will be teacher led, full of fun, encouragement, energy, as well as being safe and effective.

Our Approach

Our unique style offers a warm, friendly and personal environment where instructors are trained and experienced in both leading a group and focussing on each person to make sure proper techniques are used and results are felt and seen.

For over 10 years we have been helping make a difference in people's lives through Pilates and now we are extending this through Barrefitness.

Someone once said that "Health is not simply the absence of sickness" (Hannah Green) and while that is true we would also add that health and well-being will be enhanced through Barrefitness and we would love to welcome you to our classes.

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