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Find out why everyone is trying Pilates and Reformer

Pilates has a reputation for improving flexibility, building strength without bulk and lengthening and streamlining the body.  While many clients use Pilates for general conditioning, it is also ideal for specific rehabilitation of injuries and other conditions.  Pilates can also invigorate and energise the body through improved breathing styles and a mind-body focus that stimulates circulation and enhances body awareness.

One-on-one classes with one of our Pilates and Reformer specialists

The Pilates and Reformer Academy Studio offers a professional and personal experience.  Class sizes are kept small with a focus on individual needs being catered to.  Initial one-on-one assessments are conducted where body type, posture, past medical history and any rehabilitation requirements are discussed.  This information is then used to design a personalised program.

Barre Fitness

The latest results driven fitness craze sweeping the world in the NW!

A dynamic fusion of cardio, yoga, ballet and core conditioning. An all body workout using the classic ballet barre that attacks those dreaded problem areas - legs, butt, thighs and arms.

If you want to Be strong, Be flexible, and BE FABULOUS - be seen at the barre!

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